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Air Conditioning and Ventilation Project in Trowbridge

Client: Baloos Soft Play
Value: £45k

We were recommended to Baloo’s to provide air conditioning and ventilation for their new project in Trowbridge. After having a good look around the building and listening to the requirements we arrived at some suggestions to the client. Baloo’s had already received several air conditioning quotations, but all were different and confusing. We were able to provide a quote which was clear, meet their budget as well as demonstrate that the other companies were not complying with Building Regulations which is very important.

Building Regulations

Cre8tive Interiors considers Building Regulations all the time in any refurbishment project and so understand them very well. A major consideration is Ventilation. Most air conditioning companies do not carry out this work as well as air conditioning so they do not understand how it is relevant to office and public places. Cre8tive Interiors also carries out the electrical work associated with the air conditioning and ventilation requirements, so there is no need for the customer to worry about additional trades to get everything to work. One order with us, and it works.

Equipment Locations

The outdoor units for the air conditioning system had to be located around the back of the building, out of the way. The indoor Ventilation units or VAM units, had to be located high up out of the way but also needed to be positioned in such a way that we could service the units properly. Each VAM unit has a side access panel to get to the fresh air filters.

Cre8tive Interiors air conditioning and ventilation
Potential location of outdoor air conditioning units

Vam Unit

The ventilation unit provides fresh air into a space by pulling air from the outside, as well as extracting stale air from inside the building to the outside through long duct work pipes. Both incoming and outgoing air pass through the ventilation unit which filters the air. The different air temperatures cross over each other and average out, the energy is ‘recovered’. The calculations of the size of the unit depends on the number of people inside the building, another calculation is the volumetric space. Each unit is sized and calculated to meet the current regulations. The units at Baloo’s for example can exchange 1000 m3 of air per hour, so they are quite big units. One on each floor.

Challenges with the Original Building Layout

  • The client did not want a suspended ceiling and wanted to keep the original beams and structural look of the building as much as possible. This presented a slight problem as the pipework would either have to go straight under the beams or go up and over them. In the end we decided that there was enough height to run straight underneath.
  • We advised that an ‘industrial look’ would be absolutely fine, and we would locate all of the pipework on cable trays.
  • The main VAM units would be located in one of the rooms at the back to facilitate servicing. The ground floor unit would be located in the lobby area around the side of the building, again making servicing as easy as possible.
  • Budget was also a challenge. We design the system for more units and air flow but installed in this first phase the minimum that would be required with a plan to review the performance and add additional units as required. The important things were to get the equipment in the time that they wanted, and to the budget they had.

The Solutions

  • We chose a new manufacturer to the UK which were cheaper actual units but offered a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. As well as reducing the cost, it gave assurances to the client that the manufacturer is confident of their equipment enough to provide this length of warranty.
  • Many local air conditioning companies offer equipment that only has a 2 year warranty because they want to tie in the client with lots of repair bills. Our main business is refurbishment work, but we service the equipment as well.
Air conditioning and Ventilation project in Trowbridge for Baloo's
Air conditioning and Ventilation project in Trowbridge for Baloo’s

Initial site photos

As the main pipework is designed to be on view, it was very important to get everything level and square. Visually most people can tell if something is not quite straight, so the installers used lasers to check the alignment and levels.

Installation work

As the main pipework is designed to be on view, it was very important to get everything level and square. Visually most people can tell if something is not quite straight, so the installers used lasers to check the alignment and levels.

Final photographs

Below are some photos of nearly finished as well as some final photographs with the play equipment in place.

Summary on Air Conditioning and Ventilation Projects

  1. We can supply and install all makes but would prefer those manufacturers offering 5 years warranty or more such as Daikin, Fujitsu and Midea.
  2. We understand Building Regulation requirements on ventilation whereas many companies do not.
  3. We maintain all equipment supplied by us and offer a service and maintenance contract on all installations.


If you have any questions or need any help with air conditioning or ventilation projects please do not hesitate to get in touch 01380 73 88 44, or via email at

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Toilet Refurbishment in Chippenham

Client: General Dynamic UK
Value: £22k

A toilet refurbishment can simply mean updating the sanitary ware or tiling the walls. or it can involve a great deal more. Our customer, General Dynamic UK, specialises in technical systems for the MOD and wanted to bring their toilets into the 21st century.

The toilet refurbishment incorporated everything from a new ceiling and LED lighting down to new easier to clean anti-slip vinyl flooring.

We started off by measuring up the toilets and drawing it on CAD which made working out the quantity of tiles and the sizes of new cubicles much easier. Luckily the overall layout of the toilets was going to stay the same so there was no need for a plumber to re-route any pipework. We worked with the customer using colour swatches and mood boards to plan the new toilets. By identifying what was wrong with the existing toilets we were able to define what was going the make the biggest difference.

Toilet Refurbishment plans
Toilet Refurbishment plans

Existing Toilets

  • The existing tiles were very dated on both the walls and the floor with some very bland grey cubicles. 
  • The suspended ceiling comprised old fissured tiles with marks on the grid and damage to some tiles.
  • The gold lights looked very dated and with halogen bulbs were not very energy efficient.
  • The toilets and urinals were very basic.
  • The lighting above the mirror didn’t work and the bulkhead above and down the side of the mirror looked poor.
  • The shower was fairly recent with a good quality shower installed.
  • The pipework below the vanity unit leaked and the sinks just needed updating.

The solutions

  • LED lighting compared to halogen bulbs will always make a space much brighter and eliminate the nasty shadows on the walls.
  • Large format tiles add a modern touch whilst also being much easier to clean.
  • Anti-slip vinyl flooring is not only much safer, but much easier to clean with coved edges and no grout lines to worry about.
  • Modern dual flush toilets, urinal and sinks are much more aesthetically pleasing.
  • New cubicles and IPS panels in a modern colour combination have an instant effect making the space much more modern.

Toilet Refurbishment Construction Photographs

As soon as we got on site our fitters made quick work of removing the tiles, suspended ceiling and old sanitary ware. We used floor protection to ensure the mess didn’t spread into the hallways and offices when we were transporting the rubbish to the skip. Once the toilet was stripped back to basics we could install the IPS panelling and all the associated plumbing behind them. The coved edges of the new anti-slip flooring provided a level base to start tiling which made a dramatic difference in a short space of time. Large format tiles look great and because of their size they cover a large amount of area very quickly.

Once the flooring and tiles were installed the suspended ceiling, sanitary ware and cubicles were installed. The mirror was given a new minimalist frame to replace the wooden architrave.

Toilet Refurbishment Completion Photographs

Once the plumbing had been checked and all of the electrics re-connected the toilets were ready for use. We installed some lovely new stainless steel toilet roll holders and soap dispensers to keep with the modern look of the toilets. The customer was very pleased with the work we did as it caused minimal disruption and we left the toilet area looking clean and tidy.

Summary on Toilet Refurbishments

  1. Tiling and lighting have the biggest impacts on the overall look of a toilet.
  2. Mood boards and samples are a great way to visualise how a colour scheme will look.
  3. We use floor protection on our projects to ensure dust and dirt from the construction doesn’t spread into offices and hallways.
  4. We like to install LED lighting and dual flush cisterns where possible to promote energy efficiency and save water.

Questions on Toilet Refurbishments

Want more inspiration? Have a look at another job we did in Melksham. If you have any questions or you have a toilet that needs updating, please give us a call on 01380 738844

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Suspended Ceiling in Devizes

Client: CMD Recruitment
Value: £1,350

CMD Recruitment in Devizes specialises in recruitment and wanted to install a suspended ceiling in the back office. The top part of the roof was really high, the ceiling had plasterboard fitted which made the room really noisy, it was not really suitable for the staff who were using the room for phone calls.

We started off by measuring up the space and working out the quantity of tiles that the ceiling grid required. The customer had fluorescent light fittings suspended from the ceiling on chains which needed to be removed and re-installed.

When talking to the customer we determined that the the reason for installing a suspended ceiling was to help keep the heat in during the winter as the high ceiling meant it was very cold. We recommended bagged insulation over the back of the suspended ceiling as this would help keep the heat in the room more efficiently. We also recommended installing LED panels as they would be much more energy efficient and they would have a much cleaner look as they are installed flush in the ceiling.

Existing Ceiling

New Ceiling Installation

The new  ceiling was installed very quickly and bagged insulation was fitted above. The electricians installed the new lights the next day. The office was left clean and tidy and much warmer.

Summary on Suspended Ceilings

We have some more news / blog posts on ceilings. Click this link for more details on some of the different types available.

  1. Great for thermal insulation.
  2. Brilliant for improving sound performance.
  3. Perfect for hiding services and flush mounting lights.
  4. Bagged insulation can increase both thermal and acoustic performance.

Questions on Different types of Ceilings?

Want to read more ? Why not have a look at another job we did in Chippenham.

If you have any other questions, or would like more information on Suspended Ceilings, please give us a call on 01380 738844.

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Fire Damage Restoration in Swindon

Client: Keningtons LLP
Value: £11k

It’s not often we are requested to undertake fire damage restoration, and we hope that this is because we take the matter of fire protection very seriously at Cre8tive Interiors. Fire protection is part of the Building Regulations which is something we need to be aware of in every project. We have worked on many projects that involve replacing fire doors (click here to see why we replaced the fire doors in Allied Computer Systems) or installing fire protection to a mezzanine floor (click here if you have a mezzanine floor).

We were contacted by Keningtons LLP after something caught fire in the bin of the ladies’ toilet within one of the offices they manage. Luckily it was put out quickly because it was contained in a small space, but the fire damage caused by such a small fire was frightening. Working with Keningtons LLP and the insurance company we were tasked with restoring the toilets to the original condition.  

Initial Visit

At the first visit we could see immediately that the fire had caused a great deal of damage despite only being a small fire and being extinguished quickly.

The fire started in a small bin in one of the toilets which had completely melted along with half of the toilet seat and the towel dispenser that was above it. The suspended ceiling had given way and collapsed and all of the insulation above was black from the smoke. The walls, floors, doors and even the appliances were coated in a thick layer of soot from the smoke. The fire damage wasn’t as extensive in the second toilet, where the door had obviously been closed, but there was still a lot of soot from the smoke. The smoke damage extended out into the hallways where it had coated the suspended ceiling and walls in layers of soot.

As we went through we took note of all the fire damaged areas that would need replacing.

  • The vinyl flooring was melted in places.
  • The toilet, soil pipe and boxing in was badly damaged.
  • The plastic towel dispenser was destroyed.
  • The walls were coated in a thick layer of soot.
  • The appliances were very badly soiled from the smoke.
  • The plastic grill in the door was melted and the doors and handles were all badly soiled.
  • The suspended ceiling was destroyed and badly soiled in other areas.
  • One light had completely melted, the others were badly soiled and the wiring needed replacing.
  • Both of the skylights were black with soot.
  • The extractor fans were badly damaged and the ducts were full of soot.
  • The insulation above the ceiling was black along with the fire barriers.
  • The walls and suspended ceiling in the hallway were all soiled from smoke.

Fire damage is absolutely devastating and extends much further than you would think. Smoke penetrates very small holes and spreads the soot everywhere which is difficult to get rid of.

View into the fire damaged toilets and storage area.

View into the fire damaged toilets and storage area.

The first toilet where the fire broke out had the worst fire damage.

The first toilet where the fire broke out.

The suspended ceiling and skylight damaged by the fire.

The suspended ceiling and skylight damaged by the fire.

View into the fire damaged toilets and storage area.

The appliances in the storage area.

The second toilet was more smoke damaged than fire damaged.

The second toilet was more smoke damaged than fire damaged.

The lighting and electrics had all been damaged by the fire.

The lighting and electrics had all been damaged by the fire.

The walls and ceiling in the hallway were damaged by the smoke.

The walls and ceiling in the hallway were damaged by the smoke.

The soot from the smoke covered the skylight even in the hallway.

The soot from the smoke covered the skylight even in the hallway.

Fire Damage Restoration in Progress

One of the main things we had to consider when restoring the fire damage was how to minimize the spread of soot. The office was on the third floor above a high street so the rubbish had to be transported a considerable distance just to remove it from the premises. We used plenty of floor protection to make a safe route to the closest exit at the front of the building; everything then had to be carried around a side alley to the skip at the rear. The flooring, ceiling, insulation and any badly fire damaged items were removed first using plastic rubble sacks. The toilets were then given a deep clean and a layer of paint first which stopped any more soot being spread.

Temporary site lighting until the electrics were replaced.

Temporary site lighting until the electrics were replaced.

Removed the old suspended ceiling

The old suspended ceiling was removed.

New electric cables and ducts

New electric cables and ducts were installed.

Pipework Repaired and boxing re-built.

Pipework was repaired and boxing was rebuilt.

Re-decorating in such a cramped space with only site lighting was difficult.

Re-decorating in such a cramped space with only site lighting was difficult.

Suspended ceiling with LED lights

Suspended ceiling with LED lights.

Suspended ceiling replaced in the hallway.

Suspended ceiling replaced in the hallway.

Suspended ceiling replaced in the toilets

Suspended ceiling replaced in the toilets.

New LED lights installed in the toilets.

New LED lights installed in the toilets.

PIR occupancy sensors were installed in the toilets.

PIR occupancy sensors were installed in the toilets.

The carpet in the hallway being replaced.

The carpet in the hallway was replaced.

New toilets and sinks were installed like-for-like.

New toilets and sinks were installed like-for-like.

Anti-slip vinyl flooring installed throughout the toilets.

Anti-slip vinyl flooring was installed throughout the toilets.

New toilets and sinks were installed like-for-like.

New toilets and sinks were installed like-for-like.

Extractor fans replaced and installed.

Extractor fans were replaced and installed.

Completed Project Photographs

The insurance company specified replacements that were like-for-like because this was a fire damage restoration project. We normally prefer to install modern dual-flush toilets and more efficient hand dryers. The tenants within the building asked us to install LED lights in the toilets and hallway separately for energy efficiency. We were happy to do this as it is much better for the environment and they paid the balance on this.

The toilets look brighter and cleaner than ever before. With all new sanitaryware and LED lighting and being freshly decorated we have not only restored the fire damage, but made the toilets better than before.

Finished view into the toilets.

Finished view into the toilets.

The second toilet ready for use again.

The second toilet ready for use again.

New sink tap and pipework.

New sink tap and pipework.

New tiles were also installed in one of the toilets.

One of the toilets with new tiles.

New suspended ceiling, lights and extractors.

New bin and door grille installed.

New bin and door grille installed.

Summary on Fire Damage Restoration

  1. Using floor protection and common sense we can reduce the spread of soot into the office.
  2. We look past the obvious fire damage and figure the true extent of the damage.
  3. We work hard to find like-for-like replacements to match the original fixtures.
  4. When replacing items we can use this as an opportunity to upgrade for energy efficient options.
  5. Proper site lighting and equipment allows us to work in the space straight away and get it clean before the electricians replace the wiring.

Questions on Fire Damage Restoration or Fire Protection

If you are not sure about whether you have adequate fire protection then we will be more than happy to offer honest advice. The safety of your staff is very important to us, please give us a call on 01380 738844.

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Office Fit Out Chippenham

Client: John Guest Limited
Value: £15k

John Guest Ltd planned to open a new office in Chippenham and contacted Cre8tive Interiors to design and fit out the internal space that they intended to take. The potential office was in good condition; it had new carpets, air conditioning and lighting and therefore was a blank canvas for Cre8tive.

The first task was to survey the existing space and understand the requirements for the new office. There was a short list and the shape of the room meant there were some logical positions for things. We also knew the building very well as we have previously fitted a kitchen for Volutio many years ago. We then stripped it out and fitted out some partitions and offices for Deltanna limited. We then stripped this out for them when they left and carried out the dilapidation work for them also in this same office space. There were some problems in locating the supplies but because we knew the building well we completed this easily.

We also knew there were issues with the hot and cold water tanks in the roof so we advised John Guest. An office fit out can include many things. The scope of work for this project included:

  1. Complete office fit out.
  2. CDM work: we were designated Principle Contractor for the work, so carried out Risk Assessments and Method statements for the work.
  3. Drawing and layout work detailing the specifications.
  4. New kitchen
  5. New office partitioning
  6. Construction of Server room with air conditioning
  7. Construction of two offices and a meeting room.
  8. Moving of electrical power boxes, additional electrics and data cabling.
  9. Completion in 3 weeks.

Existing Office Space

We did not have any pictures of the area before we actually started, the ones above are on the first day on the start of work. As you can see there are some cables and pipes for the air conditioning.

Office fit out Construction Photographs.

Although we have been fitting offices for the last 20 years or so, we get so much enjoyment in seeing the transformation from a blank space through to the final completion. The progression is always interesting, seeing the pile of bits laying neatly on the floor, stacked in order for the demountable partitions to seeing the forming the walls to the end result.

Seeing everyone busy and working together and keeping the space tidy, and having a bit of fun on site as well all makes the time go really quickly.

Final Photographs

We used demountable partitioning on this project. By using demountable office partitioning we created some additional office space for the customer and it also gives the flexibility to the customer to alter the walls with very little cost in the future. There are some other advantages listed below;

Summary on Demountable Partitioning?

  1. Using Demountable Partitioning is very tax efficient as they are seen as movable items and so can be treated differently in writing down allowances in the accounts. Please click the link for more information on demountable partitioning.
  2. We can also lease Demountable Partitioning as they are movable, this spreads the costs of having the work done as Demountable Partitions always cost more than customers think.
  3. Leasing of demountable partitioning is very tax efficient and Cre8tive can provide illustrations, please contact us for further information.
  4. Most landlords insist on Demountable Partitions being used for offices as it is much easier to take them out should the tenant renting the space leave for any reason. The benefit is that is saves making a huge amount of mess and destruction that would be need with a conventional stud and plasterboard constructed wall.

Questions on additional offices?

If you are not sure about anything as well as taking about all kinds of partitioning including Demountable we love to talk about projects and sort out problems and issues with space, please give us a call on 01380 738844

All Project Categories Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceiling in Calne

Client: St Mary’s Sports Centre
Value: £3k

The suspended ceiling at St Mary’s Sports Centre was part of a larger refurbishment of their swimming pool changing rooms. The type of suspended ceiling installed needs to be a special non-corrosive grid along with moisture resistant tiles to withstand the humid conditions above the shower cubicles.

The Old Suspended Ceiling

The existing ceiling was clearly in a bad state with rust appearing above the showers, and bubbling in the tiles where they had lost their moisture resistance. The old ceiling had a very dated shadow batten around the edge and had been damaged in various places over the years.

Work out what is needed

Sometimes the customer does not see this, but we do actually draw every single project. The purpose of this drawing is twofold, the first is to work out the materials, but the second is for the fitter to see how to work out the center lines of the grid pattern to help him set out all the runners.

The New Suspended Ceiling

The new ceiling had to be a specific non-corrosive grid which is designed for wet areas and will not rust over time. The ceiling tiles are also special moisture resistant tiles which prevents the tiles from absorbing moisture and sagging due to the weight.

There are many different types of suspended ceiling; the type used in many shops and some offices consist of a metal frame with plasterboard underneath. Please read this page if you would like to find out more about ceilings.

The installation at St Mary Sport Centre was part of a bigger project refurbishing the changing rooms and we worked with the client splitting the install into two parts to keep one half operational whilst the other half was being worked on.

Suspended Ceiling Challenges

There are many different types of suspended ceilings and the huge range of tiles from which to choose can be quite confusing. The current trend is to focus on sound performance within the office and this can be dealt with by using a special type of tile.

Suspended ceilings are used for a number of reasons. They are quick to install and mean that all the services required for offices such as pipework for plumbing and air conditioning, as well as power and data, can be hidden out of sight. Access to the services is also much easier than using a traditional plasterboard or MF type ceiling as the ceiling tiles just need to be lifted from the grid.

There are many offices with old fissured tiles, with sagging tiles and a mottled grey look, they make the office look very dated. We prefer to use plain white tiles which give a fresh, clean finish.

Questions about Suspended Ceilings

We have been supplying and fitting suspended ceiling systems as part of our main refurbishment projects for a number of years. We can therefore answer any questions that you might have about suspended ceilings. Please give us a call on 01380 73 88 44.

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Replacement of Fire Doors

Client: Advanced Computer Systems
Value: £7.9k

This client occupies a three storey building, each floor has landings and fire doors into those landings on each floor from each flight of stairs. As a result of a fire risk assessment, it was noted that there were too many gaps around the doors to meet current regulations, and the gaps needed to be reduced.

Fire Door Challenge

At first glance, replacing the doors would appear to be a simple job. However, on investigation we found that the glazed screens were produced many years ago, and each doorset was measured to a different size, so it was highly likely that each of the screens on each floor was made on site, individually. Each of the door sets had different problems with them. The current doors relied on a floor spring that was built into the floor which had since failed, and extra door closers were added with not the correct power to swing the doors properly. Each of the door sets also had different gaps, so it would not be possible to completely manufacture the doors with big windows in them, as when fitted each door pair would be needed to be ‘chopped in’ which would make the windows on the door not line up with the windows either side on the glazed screens. We had to take into account the fact that each screen was different.

The solution was not to try and match vision panels in the doors with the glass in the side screen, but to use a completely different vision panel design.

Existing Fire Doors

As you can see from the above photographs the existing doors had vision panels at approximately the same height as the glass panels on either side. Over the years the doors and frames had dropped, and as the doors had to be planned to fit, it would not be possible to line them up again.

Other Challenges

The old floor springs to close the doors had long since expired and the problem with them is that they could not just be replaced as the parts were no longer available. The whole mechanism had to be taken out and we replaced the hole with stainless steel plates.

Finished Fire Doors

All three floors on each of the landings had to have new doors which now comply with the smalls gaps that are required with fire doors. If you would like to discuss any issues with fire doors, we are happy to help. Please call our office on 01380 73 88 44, or email us using our contact form on this website.

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Glass Partition in Bradford-on-Avon

Client: Anthony Best Dynamics
Value: £3.5k

The requirement from our client was that they needed a glass partition built to protect staff from draughts, and also to maximise light inside the new office space. The challenge with this project was that the partition line did not fit directly under the mezzanine floor line above, and so we had to stand out the partition from the edge, and fill in lots of gaps. From the outside view from the warehouse, you could not see an issue or problem.

We use Demountable Partitioning rather than stud and plasterboard, as the systems allow window and door frames to be made quickly and easily. The partition system is made from aluminium sections which have to be cut on site, forming frames for the glass, door frames, metal stud work and plasterboard. We have a short video on our YouTube channel that demonstrated this; please click this link. In this particular design for Anthony Best Dynamics the lower panels were solid, and the customer wanted us to maximise the glass area so that the internal office had as much natural light as possible.

Existing Layout

The glass partition position had to be fixed at one end against an outside wall which was not an issue; the other end had to fix to an existing partition which had a window already installed. The line of the new glass partition would have taken the wall directly over the window, and so we moved the wall over to avoid this. However, this meant that we could not fix the top to line up with the mezzanine floor, so we built a small false extension to the mezzanine floor.


Construction took two days to complete. Once the glass partition frames and plasterboard were fitted the solid panels were decorated with a contract grade wall paper from Dixon Turner. The windows were made on site, and so the glass had to be measured and fitted later. However this meant that the room was fully usable in the meantime so the customer could continue moving furniture into place.

Completed Wall

As previously mentioned in this project post, the system was constructed from a product called Demountable Partitioning with which we have many years experience. The flexibility it offers means that the partitioning can be re-used and not discarded if a change is needed in the future.

Why Demountable Partitioning?

  1. Using Demountable Partitioning is very tax efficient as they are classed as movable items and so can be treated differently when accounting. Please click the link for more information on demountable partitioning.
  2. We can also lease Demountable Partitioning as they are movable. This spreads the costs of having the work done as Demountable Partitions can be an initial costly outlay.
  3. Leasing of Demountable Partitioning is very tax efficient and Cre8tive can provide cost illustrations. Please contact us for further information.
  4. Most landlords insist on Demountable Partitions being used for offices as it is much easier to take them out when the tenant vacates. The main benefit is that is saves a huge amount of mess and destruction that would be needed with a conventional stud and plasterboard constructed wall.

Questions on Glass Partition Walls

Please give us a call on 01380 738844 or complete our website contact form if we can help you with any of your projects, or if you have specific questions about Glass Partition Walls.

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Dilapidation Work in Swindon

Client: REPL
Value: £25k

We can carry out Dilapidation work for customers when the customer is required to carry out work by a landlord if they are moving premises, please see our post for more description about what it means by clicking this link.

We carried out quite a major change visually to a worn out factory that looked tired and needed sprucing up. The main elements were a new factory floor, decoration, refurbishment of the offices, and to tidy up the existing mezzanine floor. The existing fire protection on the steel work was not adequate and not fitted correctly, so rather than just paint it, we decided to completely strip it off and install a new fire rated suspended ceiling and a new column encasement system. A quick lick of paint would not have satisfied the fire protection requirements so we decide to do this properly and install all of the correct materials.

Existing Warehouse

The customer has been in the existing building for many years and the unit the occupy is part of the original railway buildings in Swindon, so is probably around 100 years old. As you can see from the photos the the building was quite dilapidated, and this is often referred to as dilapidation work.

Dilapidation work

Old mezzanine floor

Dilapidation work

Electrics need sorting!

Dilapidation work

Wider view

Dilapidation work

Lots of wires need sorting

Dilapidation work

Some wires not connected!

Dilapidation work

Poor fire protection

Dilapidation work

Poor walls

Dilapidation work

Toilet to be reduced in size

Dilapidation work

Toilet block to sort

Dilapidation work

Kitchen to come out

What was most alarming was the existing fire protection had been carried out by people who clearly did not know what they were doing and there were gaps everywhere, there was no way that the mezzanine floor had adequate protection, so even though the customer just wanted a very basic patch and mend, we took the decision to completely replace everything and do the whole job properly.

Although the photographs do not show it, there was quite a bit of work to completely redecorate the offices at the front of the unit. This included stripping out the kitchen, toilets, stairs, repainting the doors, walls, ceilings and skirting boards.

Construction work

The other constraint that we had is the whole job had to be completed in 3 weeks as a new machine was due to arrive in the unit. The reason why the toilet block had to be halved, was that the new machine was 26 meters long and so it would not quite fit.

Dilapidation work

Toilet door moved back

Dilapidation work

Poor state of mezzanine

Dilapidation work

Steel work being exposed

Dilapidation work

Exteriors walls bad

Dilapidation work

Plasterboard stripped out

Dilapidation work

More stripped

Dilapidation work

Bottom office demolished

Dilapidation work

New fire line board bulkhead

Dilapidation work

Starting wall treatment

Dilapidation work

Toilet halved

Dilapidation work

Walls nearly done

Dilapidation work

Walls nearly done

Dilapidation work

Our van

Completed Photographs.

We were very pleased with the final results as there was such a difference between what was, and what we achieved in the end. The client was also very pleased with the work as we completed it on time and within budget.

Dilapidation work

New tea point downstairs

Dilapidation work

New floor

Dilapidation work

Office decorated

Dilapidation work

New ceiling

Dilapidation work

Toilets redecorated

Dilapidation work

Our van

Dilapidation work

Internal doors painted

Dilapidation work

Finished floor

Dilapidation work

Fire exit door

Dilapidation work

New equipment just coming in

Dilapidation work

View from other direction

Dilapidation work

Finishing things properly

Dilapidation work

On top of mezzanine

Dilapidation work

New fire rated ceiling

Dilapidation Work

As you can see from the photographs, the work is general office refurbishment, and covers all of the things that we would carry out for office interiors. If you have any requirements for dilapidation work that is relevant to offices or warehouses then we would be very pleased to hear from you, as we find this type of work very rewarding, and that is not from a monetary view but seeing the difference between old and new.

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Office Alterations in Trowbridge

Client: The Consortium
Value: £36.5k

Office alterations carried out by Cre8tive are activities that we carry out all the time. The Consortium in Trowbridge needed their offices altering, specialises in supplies for the education and healthcare industry and wanted to extend their existing office by removing the corridor wall.

The changes required involved matching their existing space rather than re-doing the space as a whole. In order to work out costs, we measured the whole space and created some drawings. We then worked out what equipment was needed to take the wall down and how to dispose of the concrete.

We had to take special consideration to ensure that we matched the existing carpets, light fittings and wall paint. A new wall and doorway at each end of the office had to be created to separate the office from the corridor and we needed to install new power and data sockets for the additional desks and the new printer and TV positions. Once drawn and the basic costings were agreed, we then looked into more detail on how to ensure the project didn’t disrupt the busy customer service department, how to minimise the dust from taking down the wall and how to co-ordinate the project to ensure it was completed over three weekends to meet the customers deadline.