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Operable Wall for Honda

Client: Honda Swindon
Value: £8.3k

We were contacted by Honda to look at their factory meeting room in which they wanted more flexibility with the offices. Honda wanted to open out the wall by using an operable wall, or moveable wall which can open and close by using moveable panels that slide on a track, that can clamp shut to give sound performance between the rooms, and then be opened out again when a larger meeting is required. There are several different types that could be considered, one of the main things that need to be considered is overhead support. The best systems rely on an overhead beam to support the weight of the panels and this does require ensuring there is suitable support above the suspended ceiling void.

There were some difficulties which we had to get over which we knew about when we surveyed the project in the first place which can be seen from the following photographs.

There are many options to consider, one of the features that is possible to have is enhanced sound performance from the panels when they are shut. This only makes sense if the suspended ceiling above, or surround walls are also constructed with sound performance in mind. In this case the ceiling was completely open and the customer did not want to go to the cost of replacing the ceiling for an acoustic ceiling, or adding insulation above. The sound performance from the standard panels was adequate.

Construction Photographs.

Finished photo.

I am afraid we did not take many finished photographs. The one below is the only one we have and shows the stack packed against the wall. The other thing that we had to finish off from this photograph are the ceiling tiles that had to be reinstated. As previously mentioned sound was one factor that was required but was not majorly important.

Operable Wall requirements.

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Finished operable wall in open position