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Glass Partition in Devizes

Client CMD Recruitment
Value: £4k

Client: CMD Recruitment
Value: £4k

The requirement

The customer is based on a main high street with lots of passing foot traffic and the main requirement was to provide a separation from the main office area and the front reception area however the shop front was the only source for natural light and they didn’t want to lose this by installing a solid partition.

Planning the work

The project has a couple of things which needed to be considered as there is a bulkhead in the ceiling in line with the proposed partition however if the glass was installed on the higher part of the bulkhead it would interfere with the door opening and if it was installed on the lower part of the bulkhead an alarm sounder would need to be moved prior to installation.

Quick installation

One of the things we love about glass partitioning is how quick they are to fit, this minimizes any disruption to the customer.

This glass partition was completed over 3x visits:

  • The first visit was to install the tracks and confirm the final position of the door. At this stage all final measurements are taken for the glass to be manufactured to fit perfectly. This visit usually only takes a couple of hours.
  • The second visit is usually around a week later to install the glass. This visit also only takes a couple of hours.
  • The third and final visit is a couple of days later to fit the manifestations onto the glass. The bespoke manifestation used a frosted band fir privacy with the CMD recruitment logo cut out which is a really smart way of using the negative space and we think its very eye-catching. Another great example of bespoke branded manifestations can be found on this project in Swindon.

Questions on glass partitioning

Please give us a call on 01380 738844 or complete our contact us form if you have any questions about Glass Partitioning.

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