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Low cost Office Partitioning

Client Marketing Logistics
Value: £2.5k

Client: Marketing Logistic
Value: £2.5k

Is there such a thing? ‘low cost office partitioning’ in Calne. To be perfectly honest office partitioning with glass and doors always costs more than you think. There is quite a bit involved with the construction as all of the parts arrive as full lengths of material, every single piece has to be cut to fit. The hand built nature of these types of partitions also means that they are fully configurable. So you can have the glass where you want it, you can position the doors and solid elements pretty much where you need them.

We have written quite a bit about these partitions, which are called demountable partitions elsewhere in the website. They do actually give quite a bit of flexibility in that the walls can be adjusted, so taken down and rebuilt into a different position re-using the materials without waste. This is different to a traditional plasterboard and stud wall. Once a stud is built that is it, to move it you have to destroy it. A stud wall also is difficult to put windows in, and doorframes, much easier and therefore quicker in a demountable system.

Trade off's

A demountable office partition looks good, in that it looks modern and is designed for offices, whereas a timber or metal stud wall does not. The issue with the demountable partition options come down to cost. Low cost office partitioning is possible by changing the specifications to a budget system. For example this project was built using a 50mm wide demountable partition system. The more common thickness of wall is 75mm wide, and 100mm wide is available as well. The wider systems are more expensive as they use more material but they perform better in terms of sound performance and in the case of the 75mm and 100mm system they can be fire rated. The 50mm wide system cannot.

So really there is a balance to be made with performance versus cost. The 50mm wide system looks good but will not perform as well as a 75mm wide system and is cheaper.

There are also options with glazing, single or double glazed, again with  the cost versus performance trade off to consider.

The Plan

Plan to create 2 offices

The customer really wanted two rooms created inside the small office, but we were concerned that it would be too small so checked the sizes out by producing a small drawing. We fitted a standard desk into the space as well so the customer could see whether this would work for them.

The drawing actually helps us anyway as we can work out how big the windows need to be, which affects the cost.

Project Photographs.

It was a bit tricky to take decent photographs as the space was so small. However please see them below.

Low cost partitioning projects

The first thing to mention is please contact us if you need something carried out to a small budget. There are many ways to build office walls. In this instance the customer wanted glass and a couple of doors so there is a cost incurred with the glazing and door frames. Less glass would have been cheaper, less walls would have been cheaper. It is hard to balance the right combination of what is required against any budget.

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