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New Bench Furniture Ranges

Cre8tive has been working with a UK manufacturer for a while now and is very excited

Cre8tive has been working with a UK manufacturer for a while now and is very excited to be looking at introducing their new range of bench furniture. The image above shows bench furniture designed into a pod arrangement. The main reason for the introduction of this new product is to promote closer team working. Traditional bench type systems where you have long rows of people working are very functional but if the people in the row of desks is working as a team, then the person at one end, will not speak to, or sometime see the other person.

Bench Furniture Ranges.

We have a few projects where we have installed a more traditional bench type system. The word bench is used to describe the cluster of desks that share leg frames. The sharing of leg frames under a bench top has several advantages over conventional radial, wave or straight desks, the first is that the number of components are reduced, thereby reducing costs, and the second main one is that more legroom is created under the desk. The footprint of desks is reducing, and even though people need less working room now with the advent of tablets, laptops and flat screen monitors people forget about what is under the desk. You still need somewhere for the cpu and pedestal, as well as legs and cabling.

The Pod concept allows everyone to be together and yet the screens reduce ambient noise getting out of the pod into the other areas of the office. Cre8tive is working on a couple of schemes where we hope to introduce this product.

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