Office Partitioning

Demountable partitioning is a particular term used in our industry and more explanation can be seen in our blog post about it here. We have been constructing demountable partitioning and general partitioning for over 15 years and have a great deal of experience with the different types of systems that are available on the market.


Office Partitioning


Another view of Phase 1

Office Fit Out

A small office with a limited budget can be something of a challenge, although we can suggest ideas to change the look and feel of the office even if it is quite small. We are a;ways happy to carry out as much or as little work as the customer requires; we value all size of projects.

Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings are used for a number of reasons; they are quick to install and mean that all the services required for offices such as pipework for plumbing and air conditioning, as well as power and data can be hidden out of sight.


Suspended ceiling in Melksham for Melksham sub Station


Main partition materials on floor protection.

Office Refurbishment

At Cre8tive, office refurbishment projects can cover quite a wide range of activities and the term means different things to different people. If the office in question is fairly small, then a general redecoration may suffice, which we can carry out using our regular contractors.

Air Conditioning Servicing

Cre8tive supplies and installs new air conditioning and ventilation systems. However, once installed we then offer a yearly maintenance plan to look after the equipment. We generally install Daikin, LG and Fujitsu equipment and can maintain other makes. Some of the lesser know brands are cheap to install, but expensive to move or maintain.

We are actively looking to add to our list of customers to whom we provide a yearly maintenance plan, so even if your equipment is a few years old then we would be happy to take a look.


Cre8tive Interiors air conditioning and ventilation


Bit of a bad state of repair

Dilapidation works

Many people have not heard of this term. If you need to find out what it means then it is likely that you have been served notice on your existing office space and need to carry out dilapidation work to the premises that you have to move out of. When we are working with companies that want to move premises, we not only look after the new office and plan where people go and how the new space works, but are also able to care of the current premises to bring them up the standard required by the currently landlord, to a dilapidation schedule.

Glass Radiators

We discovered clear glass radiators many years ago. At that time they were produced in Germany and were not known in the UK. We set up a sister company at and started to sell the clear glass radiators in 2008.

Where is the Water?
This is a very good question; the radiators are electric and consist of several transparent films that fit in between two layers of safety glass. The films do a few things, one is the electric layer and works like a car windscreen, one is a bonding layer, one is a safety film. The product is called the grc Clearâ„¢.


Glass radiator in MD's office


Health and Safety / CDM

Health and Safety, Planning Supervision, CDM and Project Management are all skills that are required now when carrying out larger projects. Any project with 5 or more people on site or takes longer than 30 days has to comply with the CDM Regulations by law. This is incumbent on the employer or client and not on the contractors or sub contractors doing the work.

Mezzanine Floors

We install new mezzanine floors fairly frequently, and in addition we do find various types of of problems with floors that have not been fitted correctly.

No matter what the project, whether a new floor, adding a partition to a mezzanine floor, issues around fire rating, all must comply with current Building Regulations. In the section below you will find a variety of different articles that we have written, many in relation to the frequently asked questions that we get asked. We hope that you will find them interesting and of course if you have a mezzanine floor requirement, whether it is for new, extending or altering an existing one, or have problems with one please do not hesitate to contact us. We am sure we can help.


Demountable Partitioning for Anthony Best Dynamics


Final design for Thales

Space Planning and Design Work

For smaller projects, basic drawing work is included in the cost. In the majority of projects, in order to work out what needs to be done we produce a basic drawing which allows us to do several things:

To discuss with the customer to see if our proposals are suitable for the project
Work out what materials will be needed
Work out a labour cost and talking to installers about the work