Health and Safety / CDM

CDM Regulations

Health and Safety, Planning Supervision, CDM and Project Management are all skills that are required now when carrying out larger projects. Any project with 5 or more people on site or takes longer than 30 days has to comply with the CDM Regulations by law. This is incumbent on the employer or client and not on the contractors or sub contractors doing the work.

Many companies are unaware of this and believe that it is up to the sub contractor to make sure they are safe. However, this is not the case, in the eyes of the law, the client employing a subcontractor is effectively an employer, with all of the relevant rules and regulations that apply, no matter how small the work is.

For example, if a company employs a subcontractor to do some decorating and the work needs to be done from a mobile tower, and the person has a fatal injury, then the company will be liable if they have not done due diligance. This includes: completing a risk assessment, checking to make sure that the scaffold has been put up correctly and that the decorator has the right insurance. The directors could end up in prison.

In order to avoid this happening, we strongly suggest that you consult Cre8tive Interiors.


We have £10m and £5m public liability and employer’s liability insurance and this relates specifically to construction type work. If a client wants to carry out alterations himself and a subcontractor hurts themselves or a member of public, or an employee, then the client will be liable. Our insurance is designed for our industry and our type of work, so you can be reassured that when you use Cre8tive you are fully covered.

Professional Indemnity

We also have PI insurance which covers design work, which is essential when carrying out a design for a client to ensure that all legal and client obligations are covered.

Cre8tive can help you or your client to meet legal responsibilities when running a project. If in any doubt please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01380 738844.

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