Mezzanine Floors

We install new mezzanine floors fairly frequently, and in addition we do find various types of of problems with floors that have not been fitted correctly.

No matter what the project, whether a new floor, adding a partition to a mezzanine floor, issues around fire rating, all must comply with current Building Regulations. In the section below you will find a variety of different articles that we have written, many in relation to the frequently asked questions that we get asked. We hope that you will find them interesting and of course if you have a mezzanine floor requirement, whether it is for new, extending or altering an existing one, or have problems with one please do not hesitate to contact us. We am sure we can help.

Relevant Projects

We have carried out a number of air conditioning projects over the years; you can find out more by looking at the Projects section in the main menu, or by clicking on the relevant project below.

Mezzanine Floor in Taunton

Client Space Adventurers’ Soft Play
Value: £65k

Offices on a Mezzanine Floor

Client: H J Knees of Trowbridge
Value: £45k

Can I Alter my Existing Mezzanine Floor?

The short answer is yes.

Mezzanine Floor installation

Client: Henrich Hardware
Value: £6k

Factory Refurbishment

Client: Image Factory
Value: £350k

Office Expansion in Corsham for Coombe Castle

Client: Coombe Castle
Value: £48k