Space Planning and Design Work

Drawing Layout Design Work

For smaller projects, basic drawing work is included in the cost. In the majority of projects, in order to work out what needs to be done we produce a basic drawing which allows us to do several things:

  • To discuss with the customer to see if our proposals are suitable for the project
  • Work out what materials will be needed
  • Work out a labour cost and talking to installers about the work

We then usually submit this with our quote so it is totally clear what we have allowed for in the project price and there are no hidden surprises for the client. The example below is of a typical basic drawing showing what needs to be done for the project.

Space Planning

There is a subtle difference between producing a functional drawing and one that is used for space planning. Unfortunately some people think that just because you can create a project drawing, it means you have produced a good space plan. Space planning requires much more than just positioning of furniture. At Cre8tive we consider all of the functions in the office and take into consideration how the office actually works and the needs of the staff. We take everything into consideration.

3d Visuals

When the project is of sufficient size to warrant the production of visuals, then we move onto an additional service that we offer. Many clients have an issue with visualising what something may look like and so we can produce a 3d version which gives a better idea of the end result, before any work is done and money spent.

Our preference is for hand drawn designs as we believe that computer generated 3 dimensional designs from a CAD drawing does not necessary demonstrate good design. Please see some examples below:

Hand Drawn 3d Visuals

The visuals shown in the gallery below have other plans and designs with them in order to show what something may look like. We can produce computer generated but our belief is that computer generated does not necessarily mean that they are good design. Most of the visuals below have been drawn and then coloured by hand, which gives a much more visually pleasing end result.

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