Storage Wall

What exactly is a storage wall? As you can see from the picture above, a storage wall is a partition wall build from floor to ceiling, that has shelves in it. The system combines the functional requirement of a partition wall to be a room divider and the function of the full height cupboard. If you add the cost of a partition wall to the cost of a full height cupboard then a storage wall will be cheaper, and it also looks better as well.

The traditional places for storage wall are in meeting rooms and boardrooms. Some of the projects that we have posted on this website have storage walls in them. Please have a look at some of the projects below as this will give you a better idea of what can be done.

The product brochure is from one of our suppliers, and we think this gives a really good indication of how the walls can be configured as well as giving details of the internal fittings of the wall.

  • We can introduce a pass door
  • Glazing can be included
  • One of the most popular features is the construction of an Audio/Visual bay within the wall. This is ideal for either showing a screen, or hiding it, and including all of the presentation and sound systems within the wall. When not in use it is all put neatly away.
  • We can build a back panel to the wall so that it finishes off the back of the cupboard in a matching wood finish
  • The internals are immensely flexible, pull out frames, lateral filing, plain shelves, or even a coat rack and hangers is possible.
  • We can also apply a digital image to finish off the front of the doors so that they appear hidden.
Storage wall

Relevant Projects

We have carried out a number of storage wall projects over the years; you can find out more by looking at the Projects section in the main menu, or by clicking on the relevant project below.

Office Design and Fit Out in Swindon

Client: One Technologies Ltd
Value: £260k

Office Fit Out in West Super Mare

Client: John Hodge Solicitors
Value: £45k

Office Design and fit out in Chippenham

Client: Redlynch Leisure
Value: £27k

New Storage Wall with Safe

Client: T Green metals Chippenham
Value: £3.8k

Storage Wall to save on space.

Client: APS Mortgages
Value: £12.5k

Office Refurbishment and Design

Client: De La Rue
Value: £200k

Storage Wall and Demountable Partitions

Client: Cole Easdon Consultants Swindon
Value: £10k