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50mm wide Glazed Partitioning in Swindon

Client: Scots of Stow
Value: £3.9k

50mm wide Demountable Partitioning

50mm wide glazed office partitioning was the obvious solution to the customers requirements. The customer wanted some demountable partitioning to turn and unused office space into an open plan office space and a directors office. The system we recommended  was a 50mm wide glazed demountable system from Komfort that included a lot of glazed walls to allow light through and keep the area open and bright.

Privacy was a factor; the customer wanted each office and the meeting rooms to be private as possible. we used a wider 75mm system on the adjoining walls, and integral blinds in the glazed partitions so each office and meeting room could be enclosed when they needed. The walls were finished in a pale gray vinyl and the doors in a nice beech veneer to add some colour.


Existing open space

Drawing and planning work

Always important to measure what we have, by laying out where the partitions were needed, straight away we could see that the lights needed to be moved.

Construction and final photographs

Need any office partitioning?

Offices require demountable partitioning. As well as looking better than traditional stud and plasterboard there is a financial advantage as well. Please refer to our post Why use demountable partitioning?

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