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Take Down and Rebuild Partitions in Bracknell

Client: EB Mind Bracknell
Value: £1.8k

Take down and rebuild is a common activity with demountable partitioning. The existing office space was very small and as well as re-positioning a door, we had to build a new office in the opposite corner to match the existing design and colour scheme. The first task was to draw what they had, so measure everything, take lots of photographs, look at what the wanted to do, and then work out how many bits we create by talking the walls down, and then work out how many new parts we need in order to create the new. The system used in this project is a 50mm wide demountable partition system, offering a good value product which visually can still look good. In this case the partitions had to match the existing, but all of the frames and solid panels can be made from a wide range of colours and finishes.

This project is exactly a take down and rebuild project, but with a bit more added. Although this sounds complicated, it is exactly what demountable partitioning is designed to be, you do need not destroy the partition when you take it down, as you can re-use most of the parts. The only provision is that the re-built demountable partition needs to be in the same area with the same ceiling height.

Completed Photographs

Why Demountable Partitions?

  1. Demountable partitions are tax efficient in that they are seen as movable items and so can be treated differently in writing down allowances in the accounts. Please click this link for a bit more information we have written in a blog.
  2. We can also lease Demountable Partitions as they are movable, this spreads the costs of having the work done as Demountable Partitions always cost more than customers think.
  3. Leasing of demountable partitions is very tax efficient and Cre8tive can provide illustrations, please contact us for further information.
  4. Most landlords insist on demountable partitions being used for offices as it is much easier to take them out should the tenant renting the space leave for any reason. The benefit is that is saves making a huge amount of mess and destruction that would be need with a conventional stud and plasterboard constructed wall.