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New Storage Wall with Safe

Client: T Green metals Chippenham
Value: £3.8k

Storage Wall

Storage wall is a very useful solution to providing full height to ceiling storage. The customers’ storage needs had outgrown their tall Bisley cabinets and drawer systems. They contacted us as they had been happy with work we had previously done for them about 5 years ago.

A metal framed version of the wall was chosen for extra strength. This also allows flexibility for shelves to be added and taken away as needed. It was important to integrate a safe within the cupboards for security. The added weight of the safe was reinforced for support. When the cupboard door is closed the safe is neatly hidden away in its own compartment.

While designing the storage wall we had to take into account that new three compartment trunking was being fitted. Therefore we offset the cabinets from the wall and built in a 300mm wide panel to allow the trunking to go behind.

Finally, the storage wall was finished in a light wooden veneer to match the customers existing furniture.

Office Fit out work

The main building is rented, and so a requirement from landlords is that the partitioning needs to be demountable. The condition of the existing space was pretty good, with cabling and lighting already in place. We did have to re- cable all of the Cat5 data and voice sockets to the comms cabinet position, as well as re-position power sockets in the perimeter trunking so that there appeared in the correct places. All we had to do was to fit some partitioning as well as some storage wall for the main meeting room. We also had to build a small kitchen.

Installation photographs

What is Storage Wall?

There are several versions available at the moment, most are panel based, so very much like your flat pack furniture product. The system combines the function of a cupboard with a partition wall. So we build it up to the ceiling and as the width is around 400mm the thickness of the wall with the contents gives really good sound insulation. It is still demountable, so can be taken down and rebuilt.

Not sure what storage wall can do for you?

We have been supplying and fitting storage wall systems as part of our main refurbishment projects for a number of years, if you are unsure about anything please give us a call.

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