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Office Alterations in Trowbridge

Client: The Consortium
Value: £36.5k

Office alterations carried out by Cre8tive are activities that we carry out all the time. The Consortium in Trowbridge needed their offices altering, specialises in supplies for the education and healthcare industry and wanted to extend their existing office by removing the corridor wall.

The changes required involved matching their existing space rather than re-doing the space as a whole. In order to work out costs, we measured the whole space and created some drawings. We then worked out what equipment was needed to take the wall down and how to dispose of the concrete.

We had to take special consideration to ensure that we matched the existing carpets, light fittings and wall paint. A new wall and doorway at each end of the office had to be created to separate the office from the corridor and we needed to install new power and data sockets for the additional desks and the new printer and TV positions. Once drawn and the basic costings were agreed, we then looked into more detail on how to ensure the project didn’t disrupt the busy customer service department, how to minimise the dust from taking down the wall and how to co-ordinate the project to ensure it was completed over three weekends to meet the customers deadline.