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Suspended Ceiling in Swindon

Client: Walcot Church
Value: £5.6k

When we visited the church initially the problem they had was that it was very cold and they had some problems with the other areas out the back of the main hall as well. We could have run a suspended ceiling right the way across the hall level at one height. It would have been easy to do and cheaper. There was actually quite a bit of height in the slope of the roof so we suggested we follow the line of the roof and try and get the ceiling as high as we could.  We also suggested a special ceiling tile with high insulation properties which the church went for.

Suspended Ceiling Projects

There are many different types of suspended ceilings and the range of tiles now can be quite baffling. The current trend is to focus on sound performance within the office and this can be dealt with by using a special tile.

Suspended ceilings are used for a number of reasons, they are quick to install and mean that all the services required for offices such as pipework for plumbing and air conditioning, as well as power and data can be hidden out of sight. Access to the services is also much easier than using a traditional plasterboard or MF type ceiling as the ceiling tiles just need to be lifted from the grid.

There are many offices with old fissured tiles, with sagging tiles and a mottled grey look they make the office look very dated. We like to fit nice white clean tiles to give a fresh look.

If you want to improve sound performance for a space, or want to hide some services, or have any questions about suspended ceiling types please give us a call on 01380 73 88 44