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Timber Demountable Partitioning in Swindon

Client: Prospect Hospice
Value: £4.5k

Client: Prospect Hospice
Value: £4.5k

Demountable Partitioning.

This project included the installation of a new Timber Demountable Partitioning System in order to create private meeting space while giving a clean professional look to the existing corridor. The project was fairly unusual in that the partition system although demountable; is actually made from Timber. the basic framework is still metal stud and plasterboard and the timber trims are fitted around the walls, as well as full timber door frames used to match in with the rest of the product.

Timber Demountable Partitioning Construction.


Timber demountable partitioning is slightly unusual, most demountable systems are made from aluminium. Both systems are based around a steel stud and frame structure, clad with plasterboard to complete a wall, or room divider. The timber demountable system used on this project was also air-pinned, so each of the wooden sections had no visible screws apart from tiny pin holes which were filled with light oak wax. The basic construction technique is similar between the timber demountable and aluminium demountable systems, the starting point is setting out the door frame and making sure the door frame is square and that the door swings properly. From there everything else fits around it, so glazed windows and solid panels depending on what the wall needs to be. In this case the wall mainly consisted of glass windows which were double glazed with integral blinds.

The timber demountable system was also 25% more costly for the materials, and not many installers are used to fitting it. The corner sections are particularly complicated to construct, luckily in this particular case none were needed. Cre8tive have installed a number of timber demountable partition projects over the years.

Another effective use of the timber demountable system is when it is integrated with storage wall, please refer to some of our storage wall projects.

Why Demountable Partitions?

  1. Demountable partitions are tax efficient in that they are seen as movable items and so can be treated differently in writing down allowances in the accounts.
  2. We can also lease Demountable Partitions as they are movable, this spreads the costs of having the work done as Demountable Partitions always cost more than customers think.
  3. Leasing of demountable partitions is very tax efficient and Cre8tive can provide illustrations, please contact us for further information.
  4. Most landlords insist on demountable partitions being used for offices as it is much easier to take them out should the tenant renting the space leave for any reason. The benefit is that is saves making a huge amount of mess and destruction that would be need with a conventional stud and plasterboard constructed wall.