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We produce visuals when the project is of sufficient size to warrant the cost, and unfortunately it is one of those things that is chargeable. However if the project goes ahead then the cost for the visuals can be negotiated away depending on the overall value of the project and what is involved in the project.

There are two schools of thought on visuals, computer generated or by hand. The computer generated ones do have their place and can be sharper, but the colours are dependent on how the visuals are produced and what print media the visuals are produced on. The computer based versions rely on the basic design being right in the first place. The visuals done by hand, are more creative, as the overall design is looked at from a fresh different perspective. Before putting pencil to paper you have to consider what you are trying to show in more detail and apply more consideration, as once you start colouring, it is a bit late if it is wrong. With a computer, you can just press a few keys.

Cre8tive Interiors background is based on the MD, Antony Price, having completedĀ  an Engineering Apprenticeship, being trained in a traditional drawing office using a drawing board and experiencing the introduction of computers in drawing and design work. Antony Price also ran the Design and Drawing office at Westinghouse Signals in Chippenham. We feel that we have the right experience in applying the right tools at the right time for any project.

Please have a look at the slider below of some projects we have done over the years.

Please click on the space planning tile to go to that page, space planning is the first step before visuals are done.


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