About Us

Cre8tive Interiors create great working environments. Cre8tive Interiors has been carrying out office alteration work, partitioning, design and helping companies move since 2002, whether commercial or industrial.

Our background in engineering, planning and design means that we can apply ourselves very well to problem solving and as well as looking at the consequences of what needs to be done, our professional qualifications mean that we are able to work with current regulations and understand the specifications of product used in our designs.

Cre8tive does not necessarily mean lots of fancy colours and style. Our perspective is to be able to think laterally around problems and identify potential issues that can be circumvented with thought, design and a bit of creativity. Cre8tive Interiors is a Project Management Company that provides creative solutions to companies that have problems with office space.

Antony Price, Managing Director, says:

We have a number of years’ experience in the industry and believe in spending a bit more time with a potential client in order to ensure that whatever is required, whether just a basic partition through to a more complicated project, that consideration is given to Cre8tive and efficient ways to use office space.

Co-ordination of design, products, installation, services and supply is essential for a successful solution to be delivered on time and within budget.