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Demountable Partitioning

Office Partitioning that is Demountable is a particular term used in our industry and more explanation can be seen in our blog page in this website.  We have been constructing office partitioning and general partitioning for over 20 years and have a great deal of experience with the different types of systems that are available on the market. We cover mainly the Wiltshire area as it is easier to manage projects closer to home, but have partitioning projects in Somerset, Gloucester, Milton Keynes, Reading and Birmingham. As you can see below there any many different types, but the main one which landlords insist on is the demountable partition type. Please call us for more information.

Other Types of Partitioning

View through the glass walls to the feature wall.

Glass Wall Partitioning is very popular at the moment, but this is still simply a variant of demountable office partitioning. We carry out conventional metal stud and plasterboard partitioning, but this is not usual in offices as landlords usually insist that demountable partitioning is fitted. We tend to use stud and board type when there are specific additional performance requirement due to the height of the wall required, sound and perhaps the wall needs to be fire rated.

Factories tend to need metal or steel partition systems which are tougher than plasterboard and can accept oil and grease without affecting the performance of the walls. We can provide mesh partitioning for secure bonded stores areas, metal skinned partitioning including glass and doors. Please contact us for more information.

We have carried out a number of partitioning projects over the years using a very wide range of different types of partitioning; you can find out more by looking at the Projects section in the main menu, or by clicking on the relevant project below.

Demountable Partitioning

Our main area of expertise:

  • 50mm or 75mm wide
  • Fire rated 30 or 60 minute
  • Sound performance
  • Timber demountable
  • Single and double glazed
  • Silicon jointed glass

Factory Partitioning

We are able to build secure storage facilities using steel partition systems. There are several different types available depending on budget. We can fit overhead mesh, sliding doors and glazed walls; please give us a call.

Stud and Board Partitioning

  • Fire rated partitioning
  • Jumbo stud for height
  • Column encasement
  • Beam encasement
  • Fire Rated Partition

Please refer to the projects for examples of work done.

Relevant Projects

Office Furniture and Glass Partitioning in Bradford on Avon

Client Steve Vick International
Value: £21.5k

Social Spaces in Bradford On Avon

Client Steve Vik International
Value: £19k

Mezzanine Floor in Taunton

Client Space Adventurers’ Soft Play
Value: £65k

Glass Partition in Devizes

Client CMD Recruitment
Value: £4k

Glass Corner Office Partitioning in Calne

Client Fabrinet
Value: £7.1k

Low cost Office Partitioning

Client Marketing Logistics
Value: £2.5k

Room Division in Trowbridge

Client: Trowbridge Town Council
Value: £11.5k

Office Fit Out Chippenham

Client: John Guest Limited
Value: £15k

Glass Partition in Bradford-on-Avon

Client: Anthony Best Dynamics
Value: £3.5k

Office Extension in Marlborough

Client: J P Kummer
Value: £8.1k

New Additional Offices in Swindon

Client: REPL
Value: £8.5k

Offices on a Mezzanine Floor

Client: H J Knees of Trowbridge
Value: £45k

Glass Partitioning to Create an Office in Swindon

Client: Johnson Matthey
Value: £8.5k

Office Design and Fit Out in Swindon

Client: One Technologies Ltd
Value: £260k

Office Fit Out and Design work in Melksham

Client: Oakhouse Foods
Value: £100k

Demountable Partitioning in Chippenham

Client: Sat 7 Chippenham
Value: £7.6k

Office Fit Out in West Super Mare

Client: John Hodge Solicitors
Value: £45k

Dilapidation Work in Reading

Client: The House of God Evangelical Church
Value: £100k

Office Demountable Partition in Calne

Client: Smart Integrated Solutions
Value: £5.9k

Office Partitions in Bradford upon Avon

Client: IT Focus
Value: £3k

Demountable Partitions in Swindon

Client: The Outside Clinic
Value: £7k

Office Design and fit out in Chippenham

Client: Redlynch Leisure
Value: £27k

Office Refurbishments in Bath

Client: Regency Laundry Services Bath
Value: £28k

Take Down and Rebuild Partitions in Bracknell

Client: EB Mind Bracknell
Value: £1.8k

Demountable Office Partition in Chippenham

Client: Mango Solutions
Value: £3.5k

75mm Wide Demountable Partitioning

Client: Call Options Chippenham
Value: £8.9k

50mm Wide Demountable Partitioning

Client: Pegasus Waste Management
Value: £5.5k

Timber Demountable Partitioning in Swindon

Client: Prospect Hospice
Value: £4.5k

Complete Office Design and Refurbishment

Client: Thales Optronics Taunton
Value: £55k

Complete Design and Refurbishment in Bristol

Client: Smurfit Kappa Packaging
Value: £75k

Demountable Partitioning in Swindon

Client: APS Mortgages
Value: £5.9k

Fire rated Partitions

Client: Webbs Motor Caravans in Warminster
Value: £28k

Demountable Partitions in Chippenham

Client: Bank House Financial Management
Value: £6k

Office Design and Fit Out in Chippenham

Client: Deltenna
Value: £18k

Office Refurbishment in Bristol

Client: Smurfit Kappa
Value: £65k

New Office Refurbishment

Client: Office Evolution
Value: £13k

Office Refurbishment in Weston Super Mare

Client: John Hodge Solicitors
Value: £75k

50mm wide Glazed Partitioning in Swindon

Client: Scots of Stow
Value: £3.9k

Office Refurbishment in Milton Keynes

Client: Edwards International
Value: £187k

Jumbo Stud Partitioning in Bristol

Client: Bristol Language Centre
Value: £16.5k

Office Refurbishment in Swindon

Client: Stibo Reprographics
Value: £67k

New Office Partitioning in Salisbury

Client: Tabs Training
Value: £9k

New Corner Office – Demountable Partitioning

Client: Mango Solutions
Value: £2.4k

Office Expansion in Corsham for Coombe Castle

Client: Coombe Castle
Value: £48k

Office Refurbishment in Gloucester

Client: Scott Law
Value: £160k

Office Fit Out British Nuclear Group

Client: British Nuclear Group
Value: £98k

Office Refurbishment and Design

Client: De La Rue
Value: £200k

Partition on a Reception Desk

Client: Malmesbury Primary School
Value: £5.6k

Office Fitting in Melksham

Client: Coombe Castle
Value: £62k

Storage Wall and Demountable Partitions

Client: Cole Easdon Consultants Swindon
Value: £10k

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