Operable Walls

Operable walls are room dividers that can be temporarily moved to one side on a track based system to open up a room, or be folded back in place to divide the room into smaller spaces.

These room dividers are most often used in training rooms.

  1. High specifications are available
  2. Exposed edges, semi concealed or concealed profiles are possible
  3. Individual panels can be suspended from top track
  4. Retractable seals that lock between track and floor
  5. There are a variety of stacking arrangements
  6. Pass doors available
  7. Sound ratings from Rw37 to 53dB
  8. There are a a variety of finishes available: veneers, melamine, laminates or fire retardant for example

Operable Wall Types

There are several basic types of operable walls; the accordian type is explained below. More basic accordian types which are a pvc plastic are availalbe, but in our experience they do not wear very well and so we prefer to fit the more substantial versions.

  1. Acoustic, which can be top hung or floor hung and the panels run in a track which can be put into a cupboard out of the way
  2. Multifold has a hinge along the long edge which makes it easier to move
    Glass version is aesthetically pleasing, but does not have good sound
  3. performance
  4. Accordian type detailed below

Accordian Folding Walls

Often used as visual separators for offices, schools, nurseries and hotels, the folding divider is made from a strong vinyl coated fabric that is stretched over an internal pantograph steel framework. The framework runs in a heavy duty track that is supported overhead; it is possible to make this floor mounted as well.

One drawback of this type of room divider is that it offers very poor sound performance and is not as durable as the panel based systems above. As in the system above each application needs to be surveyed properly in order to ensure proper operation of the wall.

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