Glass Radiators

We discovered clear glass radiators many years ago. At that time they were produced in Germany and were not known in the UK. We set up a sister company at and started to sell the clear glass radiators in 2008.

Where is the Water?

This is a very good question; the radiators are electric and consist of several transparent films that fit in between two layers of safety glass. The films do a few things, one is the electric layer and works like a car windscreen, one is a bonding layer, one is a safety film. The product is called the grc Clear™.

Other Ranges

Over the years we have moved on to complement the clear glass radiator; we have solid colour electric radiators, grc Colour™, as well as marble ranges. The other major addition to the range is our lifestyle product called the grc Radart™. Within this family, we have the main Radart product which is art on a radiator using an interchangeable glass panel; Radart mini, which has a fixed panel, but has a touch sensitive panel on it; Radart light product which is at the lower end of the price range, with a plastic image.

grc Radart™

Glass fronted radiator with a picture worth a thousand words. Any image, any design, endless opportunities.

grc Marble™

A unique radiator made from 3cms of polished marble. Available in 16 different finishes.

grc RadArt Mini™

Picture fronted radiator, with any design of your choice! Has a built in touch panel to operate the temperature setting.

grc Colour™

Add a splash of colour with a coloured glass radiator available in red, black, green and opal frost.

grc Clear™

An optically clear glass radiator with a classy, elegant design. The future of heating is clear.

grc Panel™

Our most basic radiator; just a standard panel radiator, which is offered in any RAL colour. Simple but stylish.


We believe that our radiators provide more lifestyle and design statements that can be used in modern living spaces. Applying a bit of thought into the design can have a big impact on how the space looks and our range of radiators provides flexibility to create the look that you want. The range of lifestyle images below give you some inspiration and an idea of what our radiators can do to your room! The uniqueness and diversity of our glass designer radiators will bring any room to life and add the wow factor that you have been looking for.

grc Radart Triptych: image Forest Moon

grc Radart: image Spilt Milk

grc Radart: image Industrial

grc Radart: image Cafe Du Vin

grc Radart: image Final Light