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Air Conditioning Installation in Chippenham

Client: Redlynch Leisure
Value: £3.8k

Client: Redlynch Leisure
Value: £3.8k

The problem with this project is that the customer did not want an air conditioning cold blast over them where the unit had to be fitted, so we chose a special unit which throws the air up against the ceiling. The air then runs along the ceiling and drops down the other side of the office. The unit was a bit more expensive than a standard air conditioning unit but careful selection and advice to the customer meant that they placed the order with us even though we were more expensive than another company. We chose the right product for them.

Planning Permission.

As the building is a grade 2 listed building and the building is owned by the Bowood Estate, we had to make sure that both the landlord and the local Council approved the position of the outside unit and what the pipework would look like. We decided to hide the pipework in a cast iron drainpipe which was in keeping with the rest of the building.

Air conditioning selection of units.

Sizing of the unit to the area is very important, if too large a unit is specified then the unit will not be working as hard as it is designed to, and will actually be very inefficient. It is therefore important to get the kilowatt output correct for the space. The new units out now are also A+ energy rated, so super efficient and as you can see from the photographs quite discrete.

Air Conditioning problems?

We have been supplying and fitting air conditioning systems as part of our main refurbishment projects for a number of years, if you are unhappy with your current provider or air conditioning or fresh air ventilation, or unsure about anything please give us a call. We do have some more information on a separate web page, click the following link for more information.

We can fit all of the major makes; Daikin; Fujitsu; Mitsubushi; Samsung as well as many other less popular makes. We can also fit VRV or VRF systems, ducted systems as well as conventional single splits.

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