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Air Conditioning Problems in Chippenham

Client: Alliance Pharmaceutical
Value: £2.5k

Client: Alliance Pharmaceutical
Value: £2.5k

Alliance Pharmaceuticals in Chippenham had some problems with their air conditioning systems.

We contacted this company about something else and happened to mention that we look after air conditioning systems, and although the customer did not have what we were asking for, they said they were unhappy with their current provider as they had been complaining about some noises for 18 months and the other company had not got to the bottom of the issue. The photograph above shows the main 3 outdoor units providing air conditioning to 15 units inside the building. For information about air conditioning systems please call us. Please click the link below to download and watch the video showing the fault in the system..

Air Conditioning Problems.

One of the difficulties in working out what problems are on systems that have been designed and installed by others is trying to work out how the whole system has been designed and fitted. It is much easier to determine what is happening if you have put in the equipment yourself. We engaged a Toshiba engineer to visit the customer and quickly saw that there was no gas in the system, which meant there was a leak somewhere. In order to find out where the leak is, the existing gas has to be removed and a special tracer gas installer which is high is nitrogen. The fitters then use a special detector to track down every single brazed joint. In this case every single unit was checked, and the leak was found on one of the outdoor units shown in the main photograph.

Air Conditioning Problems leak video

Please click on the link to download a short video which shows where we identified the leaks coming from, in fact there were multiply leaks coming from this part of the equipment and we cannot understand why the other air conditioning company (a specialist), could not find it.
Alliance vid 1

Completed Photographs.

Sizing of the unit to an area is very important in the design, if too large a unit is specified then the unit will not be working as hard as it is designed to, and will actually be very inefficient. It is therefore important to get the kilowatt output correct for the space. The new units out now are also A+ energy rated, so super efficient and if you have multiple indoor units with one outdoor unit you can save a considerable amount of space outside as well as only having one power supply instead of multiple power supplies for multiple systems.

Alliance Pharmaceutical air conditioning problems
The outdoor air conditioning units where the problem was

Air Conditioning problems?

We have been supplying and fitting air conditioning systems as part of our main refurbishment projects for a number of years, if you are unhappy with your current provider or air conditioning or fresh air ventilation, or unsure about anything please give us a call.

We can fit all of the major makes; Daikin; Fujitsu; Mitsubushi; Samsung as well as many other less popular makes. We can also fit VRV or VRF systems, ducted systems as well as conventional single splits.

Please give us a call on 01380 73 88 44.