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Suspended Ceiling for Chippenham Motor Co

Client: Chippenham Motor Co
Value: £41k

The suspended ceiling for Chippenham Motor Co. was very complicated to achieve, particularly the upstairs profile where the customer required a vaulted roof line in two directions. Downstairs consisted of a series of 8 ceiling pockets formed by many bulkheads joining each other


The pockets had to be lined square to each other so that each ceiling set inside it looked square to the one either side of it in both directions. As we were aware of this, we ended up cladding the beams with fireline board so that we could angle them so that the sides were straight and parallel. If someone else would have done them, they would not have worried about the ceiling, and each pocket would then have angled cuts along each of the sides. Although this may appear trivial to many people and most fitters probably would not have worried about it, just clad the beams as quickly as possible and fitted the grid, then the customer would have got a poorer job. As it is the pockets are all square and you do not see any unsightly angles as Cre8tive takes a pride in making sure that things are carried out properly.


The upstairs ceiling was actually very complicated to do as the customer wanted to maximise the head room upstairs but it was not possible to raise it completely due to the edges of the building. We therefore set another ceiling higher, beyond the outer edges. The difficulty with this is in lining up all of the grids so that it would look right. In the time allocated to do the upstairs ceiling, a good 25% of the time nothing was actually built, the time was spent setting out the dimensions and working out all of the angles. As you can see we left some of the tiles out so that other services could be fitted, but if you are ever in Chippenham, please visit the Chippenham Motor Company and you will see what we mean. (They also sell cars).

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