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Glass Corner Office Partitioning in Calne

Client: Fabrinet
Value: £7.5k

The customers’ main requirement was to segregate the large reception area and install a new glass corner office to provide a quick meeting space for visitors. The reception is just a small part of a very large building so the customer wanted to avoid having to take visitors all the way through the building to use the boardroom for smaller informal meetings.

The Existing reception has huge windows with an open staircase so the customer wanted to keep reception open plan and maximize the light so glass partitioning was the obvious choice.

Planning the work.

The project did not require any drawings, the space was so big there were no concerns about the new meeting room fitting. The customer already had a small meeting table and chairs so we simply made the room spacious enough to accommodate the existing furniture.  We do carry out space planning and 3d visuals if required. More information about this is on the following page click this link.

Quick installation

One of the things we love about glass partitioning is how quick they are to fit, this minimizes any disruption to the customer.

This glass corner office installation was completed over 3x visits:

  • The first visit was to install the tracks and confirm the final position of the door. At this stage all final measurements are taken for the glass to be manufactured to fit perfectly. This visit usually only takes a couple of hours.
  • The second visit is usually around a week later to install the glass. This visit also only takes a couple of hours.
  • The third and final visit is a couple of days later to fit the manifestations onto the glass. We loved the diminishing bands this customer chose as it keeps the space looking open plan whilst giving some obscured privacy within the meeting room.

Questions on glass partitioning

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