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New Office Partitioning in Salisbury

Client: Tabs Training
Value: £9k

New Office Partitioning

The customer needed some office partitioning reconfigured in Salisbury. They also had a sound problem with some of the walls, the existing 50mm wide office partition needed to be taken down and replaced with and a larger meeting / training room built out of 75mm wide system. The 50mm partition was re-used elsewhere. Although 50mm demountable partition systems are good, due to the thickness they are limited in respect to the sound performance that can be obtained. The 75mm wide demountable partition systems give much better performance not only in sound but it structurally more rigid, so doors with big vision panels can be fitted. In another part of the office two smaller offices were needed, also 75mm wide system.

The existing office partitioning was unsuitable because sound traveled between the walls of the offices, and this issue was an important factor in needing something to be done. 50mm systems are quite ineffective for good sound insulation, so a 75mm system was suggested, which reduces most sound up to 42db (people talking will just be heard).


Drawing work

As always, it is best to draw what it there, work out materials if any can be re-used, and draw the proposed layouts to be sure that the proposals are what the customer requires.

Demountable partitioning

Other factors we had to consider included DDA compliance of the downstairs office. The office door had to be suitable for wheelchair users, so it had to be wider than a standard door with a long vision panel.

To further help the sound qualities of the offices upstairs, we also fitted insulation over the suspended ceiling grid.

Why Demountable Partitions?

  1. Demountable partitions are tax efficient in that they are seen as movable items and so can be treated differently in writing down allowances in the accounts.
  2. We can also lease Demountable Partitions as they are movable, this spreads the costs of having the work done as Demountable Partitions always cost more than customers think.
  3. Leasing of demountable partitions is very tax efficient and Cre8tive can provide illustrations, please contact us for further information.
  4. Most landlords insist on demountable partitions being used for offices as it is much easier to take them out should the tenant renting the space leave for any reason. The benefit is that is saves making a huge amount of mess and destruction that would be need with a conventional stud and plasterboard constructed wall.

Questions on Demountable Partitions?

If you are not sure about anything we love to talk about projects and sort out problems and issues with space, please give us a call on 01380 738844