What is storage wall?

What is storage wall is a question we do get asked when we suggest installing it.

What is storage wall is a question we do get asked when we suggest installing it. As you can see from the initial picture above, it is a partition wall built from floor to ceiling, but has shelves in it. The system combines the functional requirement of a partition wall to be a room divider and the function of the full height cupboard. If you add the cost of a partition wall, to the cost of a full height cupboard then storage wall will be cheaper, and it also looks better as well.

The traditional places for storage wall are in meeting rooms and boardrooms, some of the projects that we have posted on this website have storage wall in them. Please have a look at some of the projects on our Storage Wall page for a better description and as this will give you a better idea of what can be done. On that page are also some projects with photographs so you can see what the systems look like.

  • We can introduce a pass door through the wall.
  • Glazing can be included
  • One of the most popular features is the construction of an Audio / Visual bay within the wall. This is ideal for either showing a screen, or hiding it, and including all of the presentation and sound systems within the wall. When not in use it is all put away.
  • We can build a back panel to the wall so that it finishes off the back of the cupboard in a matching wood finish
  • The internals are imensly flexible, pull out frames, lateral filing, plain shelves, or even a coat rack and hangers is possible.
  • Finishing the front of the doors we can also apply a digital image so that the doors look hidden.

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