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Kitchen Tea Point in an Office in Chippenham

Client: Volutio
Value: £1.5k

This project involved installing a new kitchen tea point in an office in Chippenham. The existing office was open plan. The project consisted of careful spatial planning as the configuration had to allow for the possibility of future expansion while catering for a greater number of people. Drawing and design work were also undertaken to create a unique flooring/carpet design that fitted and complemented the kitchen and its surrounding office space. Fitting the units was only one trade, we also had to arrange plumbers, electricians, decorators and a new floor. We carry out these activities anyway when we carry out refurbishment or office fitting out work they are easy for us to arrange as the people we use know us and work well together on projects.

Obviously what we have built is actually a mini-kitchen using all the materials that you would use in a house. We have accounts with all of the major suppliers of kitchens, and as we build these quite often in offices we are able to get some good pricing on product.

Types of kitchen.

We could use flat pack units available from most DIY stores. We use commercial grade kitchens which will not deteriorate and the carcasses are pre-made in a factory, already assembled so they are much quicker for us to build. The kitchen ends up being more durable. In this case, the toilets were the other side of the kitchen, it was a logical place to put the units as the supplies and waste were very close to connect to. We also had to fit an extractor in the suspended ceiling to take away those pot noodle smells when the micro-wave is used.

There are many options to chose from in terms of finishes, the range selected in this project was in the middle range, most refurbishment project we do have a small kitchen or tea point which is no problem for us to install.

Break out areas

Tea points are important in offices, more recently we have designed an area inside an office which is more than just a tea point and forms the focal part of the office with a breakfast bar. Please refer to this project for details by the clicking this link. The idea on this project was to encourage people to get off their chairs, away from their desks and to circulate, to encourage people to talk to each other and mingle. The customer was an American company that used to bring in bagels and have sandwiches brought into the office.

If you would like us to look at your break out / tea point area please give us a call on 01380 73 88 44








This project involved installing a new kitchen tea point in an office in Chippenham

This project involved installing a new kitchen tea point in an office in Chippenham