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Toilet Refurbishment in Chippenham

Client: Pew Hill House
Value: £13k

Client: Pew Hill House
Value: £13k

We were contacted by Carter Jonas primarily as we were local and were asked whether we could carry out a toilet refurbishment in Chippenham. In the building there were several all needing different things carried out in them. When we carry out a refurbishment project fitting new cubicles is very much like the demountable partitions that we fit in that they all have to be made and cut individually, needed quiet skilled carpenters who know what they are doing.

We also had to coordinate new plumbing works, new sinks and taps, urinals and toilets, as well as electrical work, replacement of the flooring and complete redecoration throughout, all of the required things that you would expect in a toilet refurbishment project.

Existing mens toilet downstairs needing a toilet refurbishment !

Three other toilet areas and kitchens needed refurbishing as well.

Construction / build photographs.

Finished Photographs.

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