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Reception Desk in Bristol

Client: Bristol City Council
Value: £29k

Client: Bristol City Council
Value: £29k

Design and Drawing work

We had carried out several jobs in the past for Bristol City Council, and we were approached to re-fit the reception at their Customer Services Point at Waring House. The main feature of the area was to design, build and supply a new reception desk and to make the meeting rooms appear open with Demountable Partitions using glass.

Offsite and on site fabrication and assembly

The way to make this size of reception desk is to make it off site in the workshop and then assemble it on site.

Finished reception desk

The extent of our work finished at the final photo above. They were they going to carpet up the front face of the desk and top as they found that their customer wore this section of the desks out first. The carpet tiles could be replaced. They also finally decorated various parts of the desk as they wanted to do this, so that was reflected in the price. The overall effect was actually pretty impressive.

Special Projects

We can get pretty much anything made. This particular desk did have some design input from us as the Council took us to several other sites, in the end this was the Councils’ design and hey were very pleased with it.

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