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Office Partitions in Bradford upon Avon

Client: IT Focus
Value: £3k

Office Partitions

IT Focus had just moved into new office space in Bradford Upon Avon and needed some office partitioning carried out for a few areas. Initial consultation was free, and Cre8tive produced some drawings and costs for different areas in the office space. The partition system needed to be demountable.

In looking at the areas in more detail the small room to partition off the server would end up being impractical as the server would likely overheat without air conditioning, further adding to cost. The end requirement was to just focus on building a glass office partition screen to separate the meeting room from the main office as noise was going to be a problem.

The usual debate over price versus performance between a 50mm wide demountable system and a 75mm demountable system as office partitions, presented the normal dilemma.  Do you spend the money for a bit better sound performance or just go for price. In the end IT Focus decided on a 75mm wide system but wanted the screen fitted to the underside of the beam running across the office. This presented some construction problems when we came to build it as the floor was not level. The glass had to be cut (raked) at an angle as the door and drooframe have to be plumbed completely square, and everything comes off the doorframe. In the end a couple of the windows had to be made not quite squire to get it all to fit.

Office Partition Construction photos.

Why Demountable Partitioning?

  1. Demountable partitioning is tax efficient in that they are seen as movable items and so can be treated differently in writing down allowances in the accounts.
  2. We can also lease Demountable Partitioning as they are movable, this spreads the costs of having the work done as Demountable Partitions always cost more than customers think.
  3. Leasing of demountable partitioning is very tax efficient and Cre8tive can provide illustrations, please contact us for further information.
  4. Most landlords insist on demountable partitions being used for offices as it is much easier to take them out should the tenant renting the space leave for any reason. The benefit is that is saves making a huge amount of mess and destruction that would be need with a conventional stud and plasterboard constructed wall.

Questions on Demountable Partitioning?

If you are not sure about anything we love to talk about projects and sort out problems and issues with space, please give us a call on 01380 738844

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Office Design and Fit Out in Chippenham

Client: Deltenna
Value: £18k

Office Design and fit out in Chippenham

This project needed some office design to include constructing an end office using demountable partitioning, supply and fitting of a new Howdens kitchenette, smoke detectors and fire alarms, supplying and fitting new carpets and office furniture to a design co-ordinating the whole colour scheme.

In trying to come up with something a bit more interesting we came up with a couple of options, as the function of the space in terms of where the office had to go was quite limiting, we played around with the carpet design and came up with a few ideas. Building the demountable partition was difficult as the roof was vaulted with tie bars, the demountable partition was built around the tie bars so they were hidden in the wall, we then tape and jointed the wall and decorated it to finish it. The vision panel in the door was the same size as the outside window maximising the light through into the main office. We also had to submit the plans for Building Control Approval which we obtained on behalf of the client.

Project Photos

Design Projects

We have many ideas on how to make the best use of space, and we are seeing offices and talking to customers all of the time. Over the years we have seen many projects and often have to work to a budget. What we do is get the space working right first and then focus on the budget. In this case the budget was very tight so we ended up using a very cheap carpet which did not affect the design of the office, and just brought it into the manageable level for the customer. This project was leased over 3 years. Please contact us for further information about leasing and financing.

If you are struggling to come up with something, please do not hesitate to give us a call 01380 73 88 44 or email us on [email protected]