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Social Spaces in Bradford On Avon

Client: Steve Vik International
Value: £19k

The requirement

Our client has taken on a new office space due to expansion and will be putting a team of 12 into the new office space. The new office was previously used as a café/social space and has plenty of space.  The customer wanted to divide of areas for eating, informal meetings and storage without putting in solid walls.

Our solution

We drew the office using CAD software which enabled us to provide a few layout options. The 12 new desk positions were nice and simple down one side in front of the windows. The social spaces had more options and layouts to get this right for the customer. With the canteen and social spaces we provided options using meeting pods and soft seating along with open timber room dividers. The timber dividers would provide a visual separation whilst keeping it light and open. We designed the timber screens to have shelving which adds interest and space to put plants. Plants are always a great addition to the office and adding greenery and interest.

Building the screens

The timber screens were built on the floor before being stood up and fixed in place. The screens were fixed using Dowell joints to ensure the screws aren’t visible. Sections of beading were installed along the bottom of the shelves to prevent plant pots from sliding off. The timber screens were then finished with 2 layers of hardwearing stained varnish to make the colour match the office.

Finishing touches

The vibrant coloured swivel chairs are made to order and add a fantastic pop of colour to the new informal meeting area. The customer added in their own dining furniture and a range of plants to make this area super fun and comfortable.

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Mezzanine Floor in Taunton

Client: Space Adventurers Soft Play
Value: £65k

The requirement

Our client runs a successful soft play centre in Taunton. Part of the centre is the nursey, which has grown in popularity and earned a great reputation. The client had ran out of space and could not take on any more children despite a full waiting list.

Our solution

The café area in the soft play part of the building adjoins onto the nursery and is all on the ground floor. Our solution was to install a lightweight steel mezzanine floor over the café and seating area. This will maximize the height of the building and gain a whole new play room for the nursery.

The customer already had a staircase in place which was used as a staff entrance into the first floor nursery rooms. This was kept in place and the mezzanine floor was built level with the existing floor.

The mezzanine floor was built as an L-shape around the existing soft play equipment to maximize the square meterage of floor space for the nursery. Careful consideration was made on where the support pillars were to be located below so it did not interfere with the existing café counters.

Building Regulations

There are also other important factors that must be considered when designing a floor and we bring this expertise in our advice of what can and cannot be done. The floor must be submitted for Building Regulation Approval which we do, and this is a legal requirement by law. Steel behaves in strange ways when it gets hot, before melting the steel can twist and as the floor is a fully stressed structure it can collapse and so there are all kinds of rules relating to travel distances and fire protection that must be adhered to.

There is more information about Building Regulations here.

Building the Mezzanine Floor.

A fork lift was used for the installation process as the main beams were extremely heavy. The fork lift allows the main beams to be lifted to the height required whilst the upright support posts are installed.

Once the mezzanine floor was in place a new fire rated partition was built along the leading edge of the mezzanine up to the roof level. This was almost 6m high which meant the installation was completed using a scissor lift and the space was very narrow between the soft play and the partition in some parts.

A 1-hour fire rated suspended ceiling was installed below the mezzanine floor with 1-hour fire rated column encasements fitted and a 1-hour fire rated bulkhead along the exposed front edge and stairwell.

Above the mezzanine floor we installed a new suspended ceiling with new LED lighting on both floors.

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Glass Partition in Devizes

Client: CMD Recruitment
Value: £4k

The requirement

The customer is based on a main high street with lots of passing foot traffic and the main requirement was to provide a separation from the main office area and the front reception area however the shop front was the only source for natural light and they didn’t want to lose this by installing a solid partition.

Planning the work

The project has a couple of things which needed to be considered as there is a bulkhead in the ceiling in line with the proposed partition however if the glass was installed on the higher part of the bulkhead it would interfere with the door opening and if it was installed on the lower part of the bulkhead an alarm sounder would need to be moved prior to installation.

Quick installation

One of the things we love about glass partitioning is how quick they are to fit, this minimizes any disruption to the customer.

This glass partition was completed over 3x visits:

  • The first visit was to install the tracks and confirm the final position of the door. At this stage all final measurements are taken for the glass to be manufactured to fit perfectly. This visit usually only takes a couple of hours.
  • The second visit is usually around a week later to install the glass. This visit also only takes a couple of hours.
  • The third and final visit is a couple of days later to fit the manifestations onto the glass. The bespoke manifestation used a frosted band fir privacy with the CMD recruitment logo cut out which is a really smart way of using the negative space and we think its very eye-catching. Another great example of bespoke branded manifestations can be found on this project in Swindon.

Questions on glass partitioning

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